About the MSA

The MacPhail Suzuki Association (MSA) was organized in 1974 by parents of students in the Suzuki Talent Education Program at MacPhail. The MSA aims to improve the Suzuki experience by strengthening the relationship between child, teacher, family, and community.

MSA activities support children’s musical development as well as their teachers’ aim to provide outstanding Suzuki Education. The MSA uses membership dues to support such things as:

  • Professional development for Suzuki teachers (funded 100% by membership dues);
  • Receptions at group recitals and at the senior graduation recital;
  • Teacher recognition including flowers and receptions;
  • Student tour scholarships;
  • Student travel (including the 2016 European tour and planned future tours);
  • Activities to foster Suzuki education, such as student team-building activites;
  • MacPhail’s buddy program;
  • Saturday DeLasalle Bagel and Friday night MacPhail Center refreshment tables.

The MSA relies on donations from its members.  It also raises a small amount of income from the sales of snacks and spiritwear at refreshment tables and Suzuki-department events, to fund its activities.



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